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Linda G. Bazinet
47 Durfee Road
Dudley, MA 01571

Phone: 508-943-0667
Cell Phone: 508-864-2483

Privacy Policy

Attorneys At Law                                                    Mortgages

Gerrish & Rousseau, LLP                                             Fairway New England Mortgage

Matthew S. Rousseau                                                 William B. Murphy

255 Park Ave, 7th Floor                                               5 Albert Street

Worcester, MA 01609                                                 Auburn, MA 01501

Also: 49 Main Street – Sturbridge                                Phone: 508-407-8300

Phone: 508-791-8383                                                Email:
Email:                                 Website:


                                                                               Mackinac Savings Bank

Accountants                                                           Patricia A. Whelan, Senior Mortgage Officer

Joseph W. Piniarski                                                   482 Southbridge Street

Certified Public Accountant                                        Auburn, MA 01501

16 Negus Street, PO Box 98                                      Phone: 508-832-3299 x 103

Webster, MA 01570                                                  Email:
Phone: 508-943-6400

Email:                                   Painting


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning                                Andrea Kane

Fire & Water Damage Restoration                         Beautiful Murals & Faux Finishes

& Floor Coverings                                                   392 Dresser Hill Road

R.J. LaCroix Cleaning & Floor Covering                        Dudley, MA 01571

Rich LaCroix                                                             Phone: 508-949-3314

2 Ames Street                                                          Email:
Worcester, MA 01610

Auburn: 508-832-9900                                               Pest Control

Worcester: 508-755-6372                                          Cowden Pest Control

Leicester: 508-892-1357                                            Paul Cowden

                                                                                9 Sibley Circle

Engineers                                                                Oxford, MA 01540

Malley Engineering                                                     Phone: 508-987-7382

James F. Malley, P.E.

PO Box 588                                                              Pools & Patios

Auburn, MA 01501                                                     Piermarini Pools & Patios

Phone: 508-832-0118                                                Bruce Piermarini

                                                                               44 West Main Street. W.

McNeil Engineering, LLC                                             Brookfield, MA 01585

Robert D. McNeil III, P.E.                                           Phone: 508-867-5418

26 Hyland Avenue                                                     Website:

Leicester, MA 01524

Phone: 508-892-4002                                                Septic System Pumping

Email:                                   Stevens & Sons Sanitary Services, LLC

                                                                               Daniel W. Stevens

General Contractors                                               114 #6 Schoolhouse Road

NBC Construction                                                      Charlton, MA 01507

Nelson Burlingame                                                    Phone: 508-248-2999

Charlton, MA 01507                                                         Email:

Phone: 508-248-6027                                               Website:


K & M Design, Inc.                                                    Septic System Installers

Michael Barch                                                           NBC Construction

Charlton, MA 01507                                                  Nelson Burlingame

Phone: 508-248-4490                                               Charlton, MA 01507

Email:                                Phone: 508-248-6027

                                                                             Stevens Construction Co., Inc.

                                                                             Willard C. Stevens

                                                                             114 #6 Schoolhouse Road

                                                                             Charlton, MA 01507

                                                                             Phone: 508-248-5066



Home Inspectors

The names of local inspectors can be                         Title 5 Inspectors

found by searching the Division of                             LeBlanc Septic Inspections

Professional Licensure website at:                             Russell LeBlanc                                    122 Brookfield Road

                                                                              Fiskdale, MA 01518

Land Surveyors                                                     Phone: 508-347-7050

Bob O’Neil

66 Drury Lane                                                         NBC Construction

Worcester, MA 01609                                               Nelson Burlingame

Phone: 508-791-5020                                              Charlton, MA 01507

Email:                                   Phone: 508-248-6027






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